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How will oil depletion affect the Tasmanian economy? Which industry sectors would be most exposed? What can be done to build resilience into vulnerable sectors? Are there opportunities for economic growth in a post carbon future?

UTAS taking Peak Oil seriously

Good News! – Tasmania’s university, UTAS, has moved ahead of state government, having just released its Peak Oil Risk Analysis.

Described as a global first for the tertiary education sector, the UTAS study has investigated the likely impacts of increasing world oil prices on its business operations staff and student population. Continue reading

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Peak oil & Tasmania’s tourism sector

How will Peak Oil impact upon Tasmania"s high profile tourism industry and all those stakeholders who depend on tourism for their livelihoods? In the foreseeable future, demand will outstrip the supply of oil or at least cheap oil, therefore creating enormous problems for the globally growing and important tourism industry, destinations and societies. <a href="">[…]</a>

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Peak Oil and Tasmania’s farming sector

Oil depletion will impact heavily on Tasmania’s farm sector. Rising prices of inputs (fuel, fertilizers, refrigeration) will translate to increased food prices and decreased supplies of food through the market, worldwide. The cost of chemicals and fertilisers – a major cost for many farmers – is directly linked to the price of oil. Oil depletion will ultimately have a major impact on the price and availability of virtually all foodstuffs […] Continue reading

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Peak oil and the Tasmanian economy

Building resilience into the economy will have the spin-off effect of building resilience into the Tasmanian community. Being almost totally reliant on a fragile world economy will not be healthy. Goods and services that we rely on for our sustenance and livelihoods should be, as far as practicable, produced locally. There are inspirational efforts already being made in many areas of Tasmania to that end […] Continue reading

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