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Joining a local community is a powerful way to add resilience to our lives. Tasmania’s growing network of ‘Transition Communities’ is helping to strengthen community links and pool skills, knowledge and resources.

How to get on board.

There are lots of reasons to get Transition happening in your street or suburb. Transition is a great excuse to meet some of our basic needs… belonging… contributing… connecting… companionship. It’s also a great way to find those wonderful people who want a future with more time for family, less pollution and more celebration. Sounds great, doesn’t it, so how do we get started? Continue reading

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Peak oil & Tasmania’s Transition Communities

In the absence of serious leadership at any level of government, communities are beginning to develop their own responses to reduce their dependence on oil. The Transition Movement is built around two key concepts – ‘resilience’ and ‘re-localisation’. Local community groups work together to help one another learn old skills, grow more of their own food, make their homes energy efficient, create local jobs and tackle transport issues. Most importantly they help people to be courageous enough to keep peak oil and climate change in the forefront of community and personal planning. Continue reading

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