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The impacts of peak oil in Tasmania cannot be adequately addressed without confronting the crucial issue of transport head on. Click here for backgrounder.

Electric cars and Tasmania’s future

Any strident advocacy of electric vehicles feeds our society"s lust to maintain at all costs our patterns of unsustainable living. Every step along the way, the electrification debate needs to be placed into the much more important context of making our cities and communities less car dependent. Lose sight of the larger context, then we lose the sustainability argument and unintentionally end up feeding the other side of the debate instead. Continue reading

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Transport – big changes ahead

It’s not possible to respond to oil depletion in Tasmania without tackling the transport issue head on. As an Alderman I see business-as-usual played out in policy and infrastructure decisions on a regular basis. Millions are spent on developing more car parks to attract cars in to the city. Roadways are expanded to allow faster traffic movements. The great tragedy behind these icon projects is not so much the waste but the loss of possibility<a href="">[…]</a> Continue reading

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