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Peak Oil Tasmania is a lobby group dedicated to raising awareness about peak oil in the Tasmanian setting. The working group formed in 2010 following a meeting of Transition communities in Southern Tasmania. The group’s logo may be downloaded from here. Circulation of material on this site is welcomed, with due acknowledgement given to sources.

Peak Oil Forum – July 2

This forum was a follow-up to a successful public forum held in 2010. Since then it has become evident that the most responsive arm of government to pressing oil depletion issues has been local government, which has close links with affected communities and businesses.

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State government peak oil study

The 2010 Tasmanian budget allocated funds for a $250,000 study that will look into Tasmania”s vulnerability to oil price rises. Announcing the study, Minister Mr Nick McKim said that it is vital Tasmania prepares for when the supply and price of oil are less certain than they are today. “The key is to do this now, so we will be in the strongest position possible when it happens”, he said <a href=""><strong>[…]</strong></a>
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