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The peak oil story can be viewed from many different angles and is being reported by analysts and writers from around the globe.

A must-see video clip!

At last here’s an Australian produced video “What the Economic Crisis Really Means – and what we can do about it ” that explains in just 12 minutes the depth of the human predicament and what can be done about it.

Expertly produced with neat hand drawing animation, this educational video explains the slowly disintegrating global economy and its relationship with oil depletion (= rising energy prices). Continue reading

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Peak, what peak?

Amid continuing media headlines that the US is experiencing an energy bonanza and will soon rival Saudi Arabia in production of hydrocarbons, it is somewhat disturbing how many people are reading those pointed headlines at face value, some even questioning whether oil depletion is a problem after all.

For those who wish to dig deeper than the headlines, below are some links to articles that give a much more robust picture of the true story. Continue reading

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Why are oil prices going wild?

If you read the mass media you’ll be forgiven for believing that Peak Oil is simply not a threat to us any more. So what is going on? If world oil supply is peaking why have oil prices been on such a roller coaster in recent times?

As with climate and wild weather, oil prices will go up and down from month to month, with many peaks and troughs, but underneath all of that ‘noise’ is a steady one-way progression that, in the long run, we can’t run away from. Continue reading

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Canberra report highlights global peak oil predicament

Turns out this report”s conclusion was too much for some to handle, so the federal government decided not to publish it back in 2009.

Leaked to a French agency early in Decemer 2011, this is a thoroughly researched run down of the global peak oil predicament and concludes that we”ll start to see a terminal decline happening by around 2016.

Continue reading

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Growing price of oil

Here”s a snapshot of oil prices on the global market. Brent crude is the oil market that Australia is tied to, so from this you can see trends in prices that are affecting us over time.

The chart speaks for itself. Note that by clicking on the four options below the chart you can see how oil prices are changing over different periods time frames. The spike in 2008 coincides with the global financial meltdown and this is followed by an inexorable growth in price. Continue reading

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The problems with alternative energy

The table below illustrates a very important principle – there is no free lunch in energy supply. Whereas each of us has our own preferences about different energy sources, each energy source has its peculiar set of problems. Some may … Continue reading

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Are there alternatives to oil?

Trying to maintain a society that is dependent on huge and growing volumes of cheap energy is an utterly futile challenge. Our society’s energy thirst can’t be satiated, not from any combination of known energy sources.

Seen from this perspective, our national obsession with energy supply choices (wind, versus nuclear, versus geothermal, etc) can be seen to be unhealthy, divisive and misdirected. Continue reading

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Peak Oil versus Climate Change

Question: Which is more serious: climate change or peak oil? Some say it’s peak oil, because that issue will impact much sooner – especially on the poor. Others say it is climate change because we are threatening to take the planet’s climate system beyond the tipping point, and then everyone will suffer. Clearly there is no right answer. It’s far more constructive to treat both peak oil and climate change as equally critical. Continue reading

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The depth of the problem

For a very readable overview of the global peak oil problem, it is well worth reading Michael Klare”s analysis “Crude Awakening”. Crude Awakening was published in 2004 but still a very good overall account. Klare is a noted Professor of … Continue reading

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