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Peak oil is an event so momentous it will turn society as we know it on its head. Every citizen, every community, every business will be affected. We owe it to ourselves to understand the issues and how to build resilience into our lives and into the communities around us. Click here to see more learning resources.

A must-see video clip!

At last here’s an Australian produced video “What the Economic Crisis Really Means – and what we can do about it ” that explains in just 12 minutes the depth of the human predicament and what can be done about it.

Expertly produced with neat hand drawing animation, this educational video explains the slowly disintegrating global economy and its relationship with oil depletion (= rising energy prices). Continue reading

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Growing price of oil

Here”s a snapshot of oil prices on the global market. Brent crude is the oil market that Australia is tied to, so from this you can see trends in prices that are affecting us over time.

The chart speaks for itself. Note that by clicking on the four options below the chart you can see how oil prices are changing over different periods time frames. The spike in 2008 coincides with the global financial meltdown and this is followed by an inexorable growth in price. Continue reading

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Peak Oil – watch our video clip

Our Peak Oil forum in July attracted much interest, especially from people interested how peak oil relates to local government and local communities.

This video clip gives an excellent overview of Peak Oil, it’s consequences and government and community responses – with a particular focus on Tasmania.

(Delivered by Todd Houstein at the forum.) Continue reading

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What is Peak Oil?

Simply put, Peak Oil is the point in history when maximum oil production is reached – beyond that point, less and less oil is produced as the major oil reserves run down, leaving a growing gap between supply and demand. A supply gap like this inevitably results in sharply increasing prices. The ramifications for human society will be very profound […] Continue reading

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Peak oil reports

In recent years a number of influential government and businesses agencies have issued reports warning of the consequences of peak oil and the need to respond with urgency. You can download some of these reports by clicking on the links below. The information and opinions that they contain are unequivocal – business as usual is no longer a viable option for […]
Continue reading

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Peak Oil versus Climate Change

Question: Which is more serious: climate change or peak oil? Some say it’s peak oil, because that issue will impact much sooner – especially on the poor. Others say it is climate change because we are threatening to take the planet’s climate system beyond the tipping point, and then everyone will suffer. Clearly there is no right answer. It’s far more constructive to treat both peak oil and climate change as equally critical. Continue reading

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Learning resources

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