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Peak oil in Tasmania

Tasmania, like the rest of the world, is facing ‘The Long Emergency’ – the greatest challenge that it is likely to ever face. Oil depletion is at the core of this challenge. Peak Oil will have profound implications across the board – in all sectors of the economy, for farmers, for fishermen, for tourist entrepreneurs, for transport planners, for local governments and for ordinary folk who just make a living and <a href="">[…]</a> Continue reading

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A must-see video clip!

At last here’s an Australian produced video “What the Economic Crisis Really Means – and what we can do about it ” that explains in just 12 minutes the depth of the human predicament and what can be done about it.

Expertly produced with neat hand drawing animation, this educational video explains the slowly disintegrating global economy and its relationship with oil depletion (= rising energy prices). Continue reading

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Why are petrol prices being buried by government?

The bad news we bring you today is that this document, owned by the people of Tasmania, has been pulled from the state government’s websites so you can no longer get it from there. Continue reading

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UTAS taking Peak Oil seriously

Good News! – Tasmania’s university, UTAS, has moved ahead of state government, having just released its Peak Oil Risk Analysis.

Described as a global first for the tertiary education sector, the UTAS study has investigated the likely impacts of increasing world oil prices on its business operations staff and student population. Continue reading

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Peak, what peak?

Amid continuing media headlines that the US is experiencing an energy bonanza and will soon rival Saudi Arabia in production of hydrocarbons, it is somewhat disturbing how many people are reading those pointed headlines at face value, some even questioning whether oil depletion is a problem after all.

For those who wish to dig deeper than the headlines, below are some links to articles that give a much more robust picture of the true story. Continue reading

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‘Living Smart’ – this Monday

Sustainable Living Tasmania is presenting a ‘Living Smart’ workshop this coming Monday, focussed on peak oil.

This is an opportunity to find out about likely impacts of peak oil on daily life and how best to prepare and respond. Continue reading

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Electric cars and Tasmania’s future

Any strident advocacy of electric vehicles feeds our society"s lust to maintain at all costs our patterns of unsustainable living. Every step along the way, the electrification debate needs to be placed into the much more important context of making our cities and communities less car dependent. Lose sight of the larger context, then we lose the sustainability argument and unintentionally end up feeding the other side of the debate instead. Continue reading

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Why are oil prices going wild?

If you read the mass media you’ll be forgiven for believing that Peak Oil is simply not a threat to us any more. So what is going on? If world oil supply is peaking why have oil prices been on such a roller coaster in recent times?

As with climate and wild weather, oil prices will go up and down from month to month, with many peaks and troughs, but underneath all of that ‘noise’ is a steady one-way progression that, in the long run, we can’t run away from. Continue reading

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Send a ‘please act now’ to Minister McKim

Dear climate / peak oil champion,

We are asking for a few moments of your time to petition the state government.

To his credit, in 2010 Minister Nick McKim gained budget 
funding for an important ‘Oil Price Vulnerability Study’ to be undertaken.

Now, two years later and 9 months after its foreshadowed 
release there is no sign of the study. We do know that it has been completed and is now gathering dust in government. Continue reading

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Nicole’s message to Tasmania

In march Peak Oil Tasmania co-hosted a visit to Tasmania by Canadian writer and systems analyst Nicole Foss, who presented at two lively lectures in Hobart and Launceston. Foss is an expert in the complex global financial and energy systems and focuses a lot of her work on the pressing problem of oil depletion.

Thanks to Hobart climate science writer, Peter Boyer, here is his overview of what Nicole had to say: Continue reading

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