Send a ‘please act now’ to Minister McKim

Dear climate / peak oil champion,

We are asking for a few moments of your time to petition the state government because we are concerned that it is sitting on an important investigation that should be made public.

To his credit, in 2010 Minister Nick McKim gained budget 
funding for an important ‘Oil Price Vulnerability Study’ to be undertaken. The purpose of the study was to find out:

    1) what sectors of the Tasmanian community will be 
affected by rising fuel prices and
    2) the best ways to minimize such negative impacts on 
Tasmanian citizens, communities and the economy.

This is a very important area of study because growing 
energy prices can severely compromise vulnerable people 
and business sectors.

Now, two years later and 9 months after its foreshadowed 
release there is no sign of the study. We do know that it has been completed and is now gathering dust in government.

We appreciate that it is very sensible for government to 
understand these issues so that it can build oil prices into 
its on-going policy formation. More so, the public has a right 
to know. It’s high online casinos time this long awaited study was released.

So… please click here to petition Minister McKim now. Please ask him to bring this important project to fruition and thereby constructively engage the Tasmanian people in an 
issue that is vital to their future.

You can add your name to this petition by simply sending the letter below to the Minister in an email:

(Just insert the URL link into your e-mail or you can save the image to your desktop and then attach it to the email so that it becomes visible.)

Please address your e-mail to:

Alternatively you could print out the letter below and post it to Minister Nick McKim, c/o Parliament House Hobart 7000.

Please request that the Minister release the study now or inform you when it is to be released.

    Thanking you,

    Peak Oil Tasmania Education Committee
    24 May 2012

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